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I was taught at an early age about the wonderful local produce, meats and seafood of the New England region. My passion for cooking started when I was 13 working at an authentic Italian restaurant. I was taught about the purity and freshness of cooking from scratch, using quality ingredients to make simple and wholesome dishes with local flavor.


Throughout my years as Sous Chef and Executive Chef at restaurants such as Victoria Station in Salem, MA and Cutter's Restaurant in Newburyport, MA I expanded my knowledge of cooking into a honed art with a passion for pairing ingredients to create challenging and exciting dishes.

Now I am taking over 40 years of experience and bringing it to your kitchen.​ We'll sit down and discuss everything you like and don't like about food. Do you like extra garlic? Don't like rosemary? Love comfort food? Special emphasis will be given to dietary concerns and food allergies.

When we're done, we'll design a personalized menu; a living menu that grows and changes with your preferences. I will do all the shopping and prepare your meals in your home, leaving behind a spotless kitchen, warm smells of home cooking and a refrigerator/freezer filled with meals for the week.

Chef Michael's can design a meal plan to fit any lifestyle. Whether it's 5 meals for five people or three meals for one person, we can find a plan that fits your life.

Dinner awaits!


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